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Award information – Frequently asked questions

Know anyone who is passionate in helping others inside Burma? Please celebrate their efforts by nominating someone who has invested their compassion and committed their lives to providing charities and social services to communities inside Burma.

How can I nominate?

  1. Read through the nomination form on our web-site and gather all the information to answer the questions on the form.
  2. Fill out the information of the person you are nominating as complete as possible.
  3. Share why you think the person deserves recognition. This is an opportunity to spread the word about the efforts of your hero who would otherwise be left uncelebrated.  We will read the story of your nominee whole-heartedly and share it with others across the network.
  4. Please provide us your email in order to send you confirmation and the status of your nominee in the selection process.
  5. If you are nominating yourself, your must include your mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number.  We will inform you of your status in the selection process.

Who should I nominate?

You can nominate a person, a team or an organization who are donating their time, talents or money for the better of their communities.  The nominee must be living inside Burma.

What if I do not know my nominee’s contact information?

We urge you to fill out complete information to speed up the process.  We can help find out the needed information, but this can slow down the nomination process for you.

Can I nominate by postal mail?

No, you can not nominate by postal mail.

Have you ever refuse nominee?

We will accept nominee as long as required information are complete and nomination criteria are met.

How can I attend the Citizen of Burma Award ceremony?

You can contact us from the information found at our “contact us” page and reserve seats for the ceremony.